Passionate about Nature, Wilderness, and Black & White Fine Art Nature Photography.
An Idealist and life-long advocate for those with less power and voice. Speaks truth to power. Practitioner of Radical Candor (as per author Kim Scott) - sometimes this isn’t received well (I always practice civility) but some things are so important that it outweighs the personal risks.
Beyond being an advocate for nature, oceans & wilderness, I’ve been an advocate for patient safety & social Justice for 30+ years.

Black & White Photography is my second love, after my Children.

My wife died in 2012 of brain cancer. She also loved Atlantic Canada & New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy (at her request, our honeymoon was spent sea kayaking on NB's Bay of Fundy).

I dedicate my photography to her, our children and to the incredible memories, we have of her in Atlantic Canada's numerous wilderness playgrounds; and to the preservation of these important wilderness areas.

All of my photos are printed to the highest gallery-quality.

Ansel Adams Gallery Shared my B&W Photography with Adams' Famous Moonrise Photo!